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post 012; 15 icons

My muse came back for a quick burst before I get lost in studying for finals and easily dying from overwork.

[09] Death Cab for Cutie
04 Ben Gibbard (01 double)
01 Chris Walla
01 Nick Harmer
01 Transatlanticism crow
01 Fall '04 Tour poster
01 Where Soul Meets Body music video
[04] Moby

[02] Bunny
01 "Dr Whowhatnow?"
01 "Giant Moon Laser"

sneak peek:

01     02     03

04     05     06

07     08     09

10     11     12

13     14     15

Lyrics: "A Message" by Coldplay (2).

Most of the images are from Google searches or the artists' websites (Death Cab & Moby). 04 is from a promo shot for The Postal Service, an amazing band which Ben Gibbard is also part of, but I say bah humbug and put it in as Death Cab.

Bunny is copyright Lem. The icons featured are unedited (only cropped and resized) images from the Bunny webcomic. If you have a problem with these icons and stealing issues, I'll take them down.

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