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post 001; 18 icons

Icon rampage! I've put some icons into a contest, so I can't post them, but below are two new icons and sixteen old ones. All are Stargate, as I can't find where I hid the rest of the icons I've made. I'll probably update later today or tomorrow after I find them.

[12] Stargate SG-1
05 Jack O'Neill
03 Sam Carter
03 Jack/Sam
01 Teal'c
[06] Stargate Atlantis
03 Rodney McKay
01 Rodney/Carson
01 John Sheppard
01 Wraith

sneak peek:

01     02     03

04     05     06

07     08     09

10     11     12

13     14     15

16     17     18

The most recent ones are 13 and 16. The earliest were 5, 10, 11, and 12, which were made as a group.

Don't forget to comment, and to credit ruwalk.

Finally I'd like to thank introductory for suggesting I start this. Many thanks. I will also promote her icon journal, minaudiere (from which I stole major layout-ness; don't get mad!). It's one of the best. Visit it!

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Hi there! Yeah, you totally yoinked my layout-ness, but I don't care. Took a couple because these are awesome. Yay for initiative! XD
Also, you might want to make this a closed community so that no one else joins by accident. ^^
<3<3 Thank you!! I will eventually change the layout-ness, I just adore yours and thought it would be a good start. It is, in fact, a closed community, so it's safe.
Then why does it have a maintainer? >__>;;
Oh, and I totally added you as an affiliate. XD
<3<3 (How many times can I hug you today?)
Not enough! -hugs back-
Well then, *hug*.
Um... I dunno. But if I log in with another name and try to join, it says it won't allow that. XD It's being sarcastic when it asks if you want to join!
Took #12. But they are all awesome! I love your work. :)

Thank you so much! *blush* I try to make people happy. Now, I've succeeded a little today.
17 is SO cool. *RAE* Can I?

They're all free and open for the taking. Crediting would be nice. But they are, actually, made for taking. I'm certianly not going to use them all at once!
*nods and smiles* Thanks muchly. And, duh, will credit. *rolls eyes* No way do I have the skill to even PRETEND to think that I could do anything like these. Thanks.
I guess to say that you underestimate yourself would be putting myself out of the business, but I'll say it anyway. :D All you need is a user-friendly imaging program (I use and suggest Photoshop) and lots of pictures.

But thank you!! *giggles*
Oooh, these are great! Love the Jack one :)