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post 005; 33 icons

Super update. This entry contains all 26 Rodney icons that will be going up on icon_alphabet after they get back from hiatus-mode. I warn you -- this is way too much Rodney for your normal fan almost anybody. The jokes are also really bad.

Edit 8/22: The icons have been posted at icon_alphabet. Yay!

I'm also including some little goodies I happened to make along the way. :D

[29] Stargate Atlantis
26 Rodney McKay
02 Elizabeth Weir
01 Rodney/Radek
[04] Stargate SG-1

01 Samantha Carter
01 Sam/Jack
01 Gate
01 "Thor's Chariot"
[01] Special: Rodney colorbar

sneak peek:

A     B     C

D     E     F

G     H     I

J     K     L

M     N     O

P     Q     R

S     T     U

V     W     X

Y     Z

A. alone
B. boredom
C. choices
D. dangerous
E. ew
F. funny, haha
G. greif
H. hero
I. illogical
J. judgements
K. know-it-all
L. loss
M. misgivings

N. never to be seen
O. out of my mind
P. peaceful
Q. quarks
R. rain
S. space
T. thought
U. unconscious
V. vulnerable
W. wanderer
X. extra-dirty thoughts
Y. yeah, right
Z. zzz

Challenges: O is black and white; S is 100x77.

27     28     29

30     31     32


Rodney McKay is geek!love

(As I've often seen these things linked to the journal of the person that made it, I'll say that if you want to link it to ruwalk, that'd be nice, but you don't have to. I personally don't like linking colorbars.)

Screencaps: mckay_daily, StargateCaps.com, and formerly New-Atlantis.net. Tutorials: R.

Enjoy! I say again that the Dell people may be taking over my lovely for a while sometime soon, so beware of a temporary standstill coming up. (No, I don't like it either!)

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