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post 001; 18 icons

Icon rampage! I've put some icons into a contest, so I can't post them, but below are two new icons and sixteen old ones. All are Stargate, as I can't find where I hid the rest of the icons I've made. I'll probably update later today or tomorrow after I find them.

[12] Stargate SG-1
05 Jack O'Neill
03 Sam Carter
03 Jack/Sam
01 Teal'c
[06] Stargate Atlantis
03 Rodney McKay
01 Rodney/Carson
01 John Sheppard
01 Wraith

sneak peek:

01     02     03

04     05     06

07     08     09

10     11     12

13     14     15

16     17     18

The most recent ones are 13 and 16. The earliest were 5, 10, 11, and 12, which were made as a group.

Don't forget to comment, and to credit ruwalk.

Finally I'd like to thank introductory for suggesting I start this. Many thanks. I will also promote her icon journal, minaudiere (from which I stole major layout-ness; don't get mad!). It's one of the best. Visit it!

Tags: stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1
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