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post 002; 12 icons

Ahem! Here are the rest of the icons. Come to find out they were hiding right where they were suppossed to be. These are mostly old, and they have a number of AIM icons that match them, which can be doled out upon request.

[04] Cardcaptor Sakura (Sakura)
[03] Witch Hunter Robin (Robin)
[03] Angels
[01] Faeries
[01] Falling You ("Hope Thrown Down")

sneak peek:

01     02     03

04     05     06

07     08     09

10     11     12

The most recent ones are 2, 3, and 4. And no, I've never, ever seen Witch Hunter Robin, read about it, or been to a fansite. I know nothing about it. I just liked the pictures. :P

Comment / credit.

That's the last of my icon stash. From here on out, they're all new.

Tags: angels, cardcaptor sakura, faeries, falling you, witch hunter robin
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