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raising ATLANTIS

icons by ruwalk

icons by ruwalk
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1. The icon journal of ruwalk, who has too much fun in Photoshop and is using this as an outlet of sorts. Icons are sorted by fandom in tags for your convenience (please note that memories are no longer deemed a suitable organization method). Fandoms that have been iconned and could be iconned in the future are listed in the favourites.

2. Of or relating to "Before I Sleep", episode 1.15 of Stargate Atlantis. In it, the Atlantis team (in an alternate universe) comes upon Atlantis to find it falling apart. It is up to Dr. Weir to change time and make sure Atlantis remains safe for her team in the future -- including allowing Atlantis to rise from the ocean floor.

100x100_brushes. campbell_soup. gaelic_aoife. colorfilter. feiticeiraicons. graphicjunkie. inxsomniax. nadine.

_ashenicons. iconofilth. minaudiere. the_forgetful.

Please! Take as much as you want. However, please credit ruwalk. It would also be nice if you left a comment when you snatch them, just so they can be tracked down, to an extent. Enjoy!